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What is responsive?

A responsive website is optimised to display clearly across any device be it desktop, tablet or mobile.

Responsive vs Mobile

Flex websites unlock additional SEO value by helping deliver the best possible user experience with lower bounce rates and increased on-site engagement.

Content Management

Every website that we design will come with Autoedit free of charge. Auotedit allows you to easily upload stock and gives you the opportunity to export your cars to all of your providers.

Smartphone and tablet use has seen phenomenal growth for all areas of online research and purchasing, so having a website which is compatible with any device is now more important than ever.

When a consumer navigates to a responsive website, the device they are using is automatically detected and the website responds by adjusting its display appropriately.

Flex is our affordable responsive dealer website solution, helping you to sell cars no matter what device your customers use.

Flex retains all of your website’s features across any device without compromising on quality, and can help unlock SEO value as the enhanced experience for mobile and tablet users ensures lower bounce rates and higher time spent on site – both factors that Google consider important when ranking websites.