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Protect your dealership from Ransomware attacks

by admin

08 17, 2017 | Posted in Uncategorized | 0 comments

2017 has been a year full of high profile businesses suffering cyberattacks as hackers become more sophisticated in how they steal sensitive information.

However, businesses of any size, include car dealerships, are potential victims of cybercrime as they often store valuable consumer information, such as payment details and addresses.

Ransomware has been prominent this year as hackers want reward for their efforts in gaining access to business’s systems. For those who may not know, ransomware is the tactic of taking control of a system and then demanding a ransom, usually in Bitcoins, to unlock it and give access back to the owner.

Here are some key tips to help dealers keep their systems secure and what to do should the worse happen:

  1. Install anti-virus software and keep it updated
  2. Back up your saved data – create a regular routine to ensure your customers’ data is safely secured  in another location
  3. Update your IT systems as soon as the latest patches are released
  4. Never share login information with anybody outside of the business
  5. Do not open emails or attachments unless you are sure who they came from – a quick phone call to check won’t hurt
  6. Do not use hard drives or USB sticks in your computer if you are not sure where they came from
  7. Never send personal information via the internet
  8. Ensure all your staff have unique passwords to log into your systems
  9. Enable two-factor authentication, such as a code sent by text, to log into your systems
  10. If you are a victim of an attack, do not give into a cybercriminal’s demands.

For more information on potential threats and cybersecurity, head over to the Kaspersky website for advice.

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