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07 23, 2015 | Posted in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Innovation-led car search network,, has revealed the average ‘days to sell’ data for cars retailed by their dealers in June. On average, of the cars sold by dealers in June, the days in stock prior to sale was 48 days – a whole week quicker than the 55 day average reported by recently for its dealers over the same period.

Andy Coulthurst, managing director of, commented: “This comparative benefit that we are delivering for our dealers in terms of shorter stock-turn does not surprise me at all. Smart Search takes car shoppers quickly from ‘want’ to ‘found’ and accelerates in-market car buyers to the forecourts of smart dealers partnering with

“The considerable growth in our network, with three new partners added in the past two months, is guaranteeing that our dealers’ cars are found no matter where the consumer heads online.”

The data also shows a consistent performance across all model ranges and price bands. The fastest selling body style of MPV came in at 45 days to sell on average, while the slowest selling body style, Coupe, still came in under the whole inventory average of 55 days, at only 52 days to sell.



The Network also delivers a strong performance across all price bands, with the range of days to sell for cars in bands up to £30,000 flexing no more than four days from the 48 day average and cars over £40,000 still landing in a reasonable 54 days, demonstrating the strength of in the premium sector.

Coulthurst added: “As a dealer, I would not have been happy with my cars on average taking 55 days to sell. Ideally, I would like us to be performing at under 45 days for our dealers and with products, strong TV spend and new network partnerships in the pipeline, I am sure that we can achieve this before the end of the year.

“Everybody here at has, as their priority, the ambition to continue to help our dealers sell more cars, more quickly for maximum profitability. I am incredibly proud that we are able to evidence the fruits of their hard work this at this mid-year stage.”


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