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AutoEdit has created a mobile-first version of its AutoEdit platform called “AutoEdit GO”.  The platform has been built to enable dealers to manage stock seamlessly from mobile and tablet devices as well as desktop.  As part of the update, functionality has been added to recognise a car licence plate from a photograph and automatically checks the vehicle’s history when it is added to a dealer’s listings.

This free upgrade for current AutoEdit customers has been designed to save dealers time so they can quickly upload both photographs and key vehicle information either on their forecourt or in the office. The latest technology is applied to the photo editing tool within AutoEdit GO, which allows users to quickly crop and rotate images they have uploaded.

The improved AutoEdit GO, which is available to dealers now, is a web based tool that responds to any mobile, tablet and desktop browsers, allowing dealers to update their listings on-the-go from any device. AutoEdit GO customers will also always receive the latest software and application updates free of charge.

AutoEdit Go - iPhone app

‘AutoEdit GO’ – is now available to download from the Apple App Store. The app has been built to enable dealers to manage stock seamlessly from their iOS devices following a strong initial uptake of AutoEdit GO from car dealers who use iPhones and iPads.