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What We’ve Learnt This Week – 16.04.2018

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04 16, 2018 | Posted in Car Dealer Blog | 0 comments

Cox Automotive News:

Part-exchange price rise boosted car retail in challenging March, says Cox Automotive – AM Online

  • Part-exchange vehicles posted strong performance at auction during March to deliver a boost to car dealers at the end of Q1, according to new figures from Cox Automotive
  • Showing a similar trend to that experienced by remarketing rival BCA – as identified in its recent Pulse report, Cox Automotive’s online and physical auction business, Manheim, saw double-digit growth in month-on-month part-exchange volumes at 17.5% during the month


Industry News:

VW scandal deters 67% of motorists from diesel, Close Brothers Motor Finance report reveals – AM Online

  • More than two-thirds of drivers (67%) say that they are less likely to purchase a diesel car after the VW scandal of 2015, according to an upcoming report from Close Brothers Motor Finance
  • SMMT figures show that five years ago, diesel-powered motors were the nation’s vehicle of choice, commanding 52% of market share to petrol’s 45%
  • The Government’s announcement of banning the sale of new non-hybrid or EV vehicles by 2040, twinned with the Volkswagen emissions scandal, saw 2017 sales figures plummet to 38%

Car buyers likely to ditch dealers that get their details wrong – AM Online

  • Dealers that make mistakes with their customers’ information risk losing their business, according to new research by Marketing Delivery.
  • It found that 57% of UK motorists said they would be less likely to purchase a new vehicle from a dealership that made an error such as their name or details of their current vehicle
  • Just 5% said that inaccurate information would make no difference to their likelihood of buying a car from the dealer

Car dealers lost £18,000 on average in February, reports ASE – Car Dealer

  • Dealers recorded average losses of £18,000 in February 2018 – a £4,000 increase year-on-year
  • The figures, which come from automotive profitability specialists ASE, show a continued trend of rising mid-quarter month losses, meaning the gains made in January have been reversed, leaving the average dealer £2,000 behind in terms of year-to-date profits

More than 40 per cent of UK cars are diesels, new figures show – Car Dealer

  • Two out of five cars on UK roads are diesel-powered despite concerns over emissions, new figures show
  • Although demand for new diesel cars plummeted last year, Department for Transport data shows a total of 12.9 million diesels – combining new and used cars – are licensed
  • This represents a market share of 40.1 per cent and demonstrates the significant position diesel continues to hold in the automotive industry


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