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‘Beast from the East’ sparks sharp rise in online 4×4 searches, finds

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03 09, 2018 | Posted in Car Dealer Blog, General | 0 comments

The recent UK cold snap has sparked a sharp increase in the number of online searches for 4x4s, according to figures from As the 'Beast from the East' caused temperatures to plummet, the car search platform saw a 300% rise in traffic from people hunting for 4x4s and similar body types on Google from Monday, February 26th to Sunday March 5th, compared to the previous week. With weather conditions making it difficult, if not impossible, for drivers to leave their home, also saw a rise in website visitors clicking on advertised 4x4s, with a 26% increase in vehicle views for the body type during the cold snap. The Nissan Qashqai received the biggest boost compared to similar vehicles, with a 130% increase in views on over this 7-day period, closely followed by the Land Rover Discovery and Defender Here are the top 5 performing 4x4s on w/e 5th March vs. w/e 25th February 2018:


% increase in detailed page views (DPVs)
Nissan Qashqai 130%
Land Rover Discovery 117%
Land Rover Defender 112%
Jeep Patriot 111%
Toyota Land Cruiser

107% Marketing & Business Intelligence Director Dermot Kelleher said: "The bitterly cold and snowy conditions the country had to endure last week caught many people off guard.

"The weather left people unable to get to work or take their children to school and they have understandably started searching for 4x4s and similar vehicles that can make travelling in extreme conditions easier.

"Our figures suggest that consumers are prepared to quickly invest in a new car when circumstances permit and we are proud to provide a fast car search platform to help them find the right vehicle for their needs."

See more launches new website design to drive leads and refresh brand identity

by admin

03 08, 2018 | Posted in Car Dealer Blog, General | 0 comments has redesigned its website with enhancements to its user experience to increase onsite conversion, and a new visual identity to underline its credentials as a sophisticated, modern car search platform. Utilising consumer feedback sessions and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) techniques, gained deep insight into usability that will see a number of further upgrades released during the year. All such changes have been implemented to better match buyers and sellers of cars. The new design style for the site uses strong, bold fonts and a pared-down colour palette. The website has been stripped back to offer a clean interface with the distinctive green - introduced on the site in 2013 - used to emphasise key actions including the top-level navigation bar, as well as the search and dealer enquiry buttons. A key driver of the changes has been the continued growth of smartphone usage, representing 56% of total visits in February 2018, up from 50% of visits in February 2017 and 42% in February 2016. The design changes are also reflected on the brand's content focused sections, such as the News blog, Car Reviews and Electric Cars Hub. Product Director David Hearns said: "The way that consumers search for cars is constantly evolving, so it's important that our site does too. Smartphone usage brings its own opportunities to create an experience that is optimised for that device, rather than just a squashed version of the desktop site. We encourage dealers to look at their own websites on smartphones to ensure response isn't being lost through difficult mobile experiences. "Our 2018 roadmap has a number of further enhancements planned as we are committed to connecting car buyers and sellers with the best, easiest to use website. We pride ourselves on constantly innovating and the positive feedback we get from consumers on the site." Managing Director Phill Jones added: "This evolution of the site shows that we are always listening, learning and improving. It is a commitment from the team that we will share our insight with dealers to help them optimise their own businesses. This openness runs through our business, including our Value Based Pricing model - where dealers have a performance target to clearly hold us to account for the response we deliver. "As 2018 brings its challenges for dealers, we are confident that we can help dealers both improve their visibility with in-market car buyers and better manage costs."

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Cox Automotive advises dealers to get smart on GDPR

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03 02, 2018 | Posted in Car Dealer Blog, General | 0 comments

Cox Automotive is advising dealers to get smart on GDPR and ensure they understand new requirements before the regulation comes in to force in May. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will place strict new requirements on all businesses to ensure data is effectively managed including new regulations around reporting serious breaches of personal data. Cox Automotive's Data Solutions team is running a Series of webinars aimed at demystifying the new regulations, that are tailored to the specific needs of the automotive industry. Ian Inman, Head of Privacy and Data Protection at Cox Automotive Data Solutions said: "We're passionate about our customers and this extends to providing them with valuable insight wherever we can. We know that GDPR is a concern for dealers, but they may not have the time or in-house expertise to dedicate to it, so that's why we've put this series of free webinars." The upcoming webinar, on 9 March, is the third in a series and will offer insight on: data breaches, incident management and mandatory data breach reporting, which is a new area of legislation. Inman said: "For this session, we'll offer practical tips and insight into data breach reporting with clear tips and key take outs that dealers can immediately apply. "We'll also offer practical advice around the softer side of navigating through the legislation including ideas on how to bring processes and procedures in-line with requirements. "I will also share insider knowledge around what the regulatory body is looking for, what data protection law is and what it's designed to achieve." Webinar attendee, Peter Dickey, Commercial Director of Citygate Holdings Ltd, said: "It's really important that we're ahead of GDPR and understand what needs to be in place prior to the legislation coming in to effect in May. "The Cox Automotive webinar provided me with insider knowledge and practical expertise, I now feel as though my business has a good understanding of what we need to put in place to be ready for GDPR."

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