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Research from shows benefit of the softer sell

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01 26, 2016 | Posted in Statistics | 0 comments

While price and choice remain the key considerations when it comes to consumer car buying decisions, the four ‘Rs’ of reputation, relationships, recommendations and rapport are still important. That’s the finding from the latest research from, which explores the buying habits of UK drivers. The research shows almost a third (30%) of consumers said having confidence in the dealer influenced them a great deal when making the decision where to buy their car from. In support of this, 36% of respondents said whether they had heard of the dealer and whether it had been recommended by other car buyers was important, and almost a fifth (18%) said whether they had a good rapport with the dealer was important. When asked what was the most desired improvement to the car buying experience, if you take the most obvious answer of price (17%) and choice (16%) out of the equation, honesty and confidence in the salesperson (15%) and improved customer service (12%) come out as the next most important factors. Peter Watts, director of dealer insight at, said: “Our research indicates that, on initial contact with the dealer, the consumer has already decided after hours of research that the vehicle they have selected will fit their lifestyle and financial requirements. Therefore, dealers can benefit by switching their focus to helping the customer validate their decision using soft skills in order to cement the sale. “Quick and simple measures, such as ensuring the timings for test drives suit the customer’s personal and work schedule and delivering an aligned online / offline experience, will further strengthen the consumer’s confidence in the salesperson, which helps to assist a more enjoyable purchasing journey.” Watts continued: “These findings highlight the importance of aligning the basics around price and choice with softer skills, making sure everyone within a dealership who is responsible for sales is also focused on delivering the very best customer service. The benefits of building a strong reputation should not be overlooked and securing solid customer recommendations is still key.” The research by was carried out with more than 700 consumers across the UK.  

See more broadcasts ‘Smart Search’ message to the nation

by admin

01 21, 2016 | Posted in Advertising | 0 comments has once again affirmed its commitment to delivering high value leads to its dealer partners after signing a new agreement with the world’s biggest sports radio station, talkSPORT. The new advert which features a voiceover from comedy legend Peter Serafinowicz, a favourite from the successful ‘Smart Finger’ TV advert series, went live on air this week (from Monday 18 January). The six month sponsorship of talkSPORT’s traffic and travel bulletins will see the car search giant take significant air time, with a massive 156 peak listening slots every week. This will help increase brand awareness among listeners, who comprise a significant number of in-market car buyers. With a selection of content playing on rotation, the calls to action will include: ‘Reduced Cars’, ‘Smart Search’, ‘Sell your car for free’, ‘Search by Monthly Payment’ and ‘Email Alerts’, all of which last around ten seconds. Plus, an additional 30 second full length advert promoting’s innovative car search and expansive network will be played during the period across peak daytime shows. Dermot Kelleher, director of marketing and business intelligence at, said: “We’re excited to be able to provide dealers with even greater exposure to in-market car buyers through our partnership with talkSPORT to deliver our newest campaign. The series of radio adverts will work cohesively alongside our current TV campaign to further improve brand awareness and promote the products and services among our core demographic, adding value to our dealer network by attracting even more highly qualified leads.” Adam Mills, sales director at talkSPORT, said: “This is a great partnership for talkSPORT, as we are the ideal station for reaching new car buyers – 11% of all new car purchasers in the past year were talkSPORT listeners, and one in five people tuning into the station say they’re looking to buy a car in the next twelve months. Because talkSPORT reaches a high number of people who are dedicated to sport, they really engage with our advertisers too.” To hear the new advert listen in today on DAB search for talkSPORT, or live online at:

See more research sheds light on new vs used buyer behaviour

by admin

01 13, 2016 | Posted in Statistics | 0 comments

The latest research from shows that the traditional differences between new and used car buyers are being eroded. Whereas second-hand cars used to be the preserve of first-time drivers and those on constrained budgets, the growth in new car deals and monthly payment offers has blurred the lines. The research, carried out with more than 700 consumers across the UK, delved into the reasons behind buying decisions. Of those consumers who bought a new car, over a third (34%) of respondents chose new over used because of cheaper running costs and a quarter (25%) because of the headline discount offered. It shows that manufacturer marketing and dealer offers are working; consumers are buying into the affordability of new cars. When it comes to used car buyers, nearly two thirds (60%) would be influenced into buying a new car if there was a significant discount on the headline price. Of new car buyers, over a third (35%) were considering a used car, which highlights the scope for improving communication on used car portfolios when at the forecourt. This insight shows that if a dealer wants the buyer at their forecourt to consider both the new and used stock, then they need to communicate the running costs of all vehicles concisely and the discounts and finance packages available on used cars. Peter Watts, director of dealer insight at, said: “Our latest research gives us some important insight into the reasons behind current consumer buying trends. We all know that sales of new cars are on the rise but it’s important to understand the specific reasons behind these purchases if the end goal is to sell a mixed portfolio of new and used. “The franchised dealer needs to ensure they have the ideal used stock and availability of new inventory to capture the consumer’s enquiry and deliver on their requests. In addition, it is important to understand the need to be flexible around the delivery expectations of the customer and ensuring that stock positioning maximises the profit opportunity. “This time of year can be particularly challenging for forecourts as consumers focus on bad weather, so these findings are timely for helping to maximise sales across both new and used cars.”

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